Our Story

Hardcore for a CURE

Bad Golfers Having Fun Since 1993

The Hacker's started just like any other fun day of golf with friends on a fall day in 1993 at Pine Forest Golf course in Bastrop, Texas. Four teams of players and some friendly competition later and the Hacker's tournament was born. The official name of the tournament is the "Semi-Annual Hacker's Invitational" and over the years has grown into a premiere event for value and fun for the golfer. The added experience of the event being an invitational is that by the end of the day, everyone is friends with everyone!

The Desire to Make a Difference

In 2003, perennial Hacker's Ryan and David Hamm lost their mother Carolyn to breast cancer in a tragic and sudden way. Their loss was felt by many friends and family as Carolyn was very well liked in the community and had been a second mother to many of David and Ryan's friends.

In 2009 two more Hacker's, Ken and Rick Gutshall, lost their wife and mother Ann to breast cancer after a very tough battle. Their loss was also felt by many friends and family as Ann was a regular attendee at football games, BBQ's, parties, and most things that are fun as she really liked to have fun. Ann was also a second mother to many of Rick and Ken's friends.

I have personally organized each and every Hacker's since 1993 with one goal in mind: To produce a day of fun and golf that has outstanding value. In June of 2010, the goal was augmented with an equally as important goal: To honor the memory of these two very special women who were near and dear to myself and others. We can not think of a better way to honor these women by contributing in our own way to charity with the very strong desire to not make our memorial list of women any longer than it already is.

Hope to see you at the next event,